In my previous blog, I shared my thoughts on how to create a positive environment in your workspace. Those who haven’t read the blog, feel free to see this link.

As important as it is to have a great team, it is equally important to have a well-defined process that suits your team. 

Now, how do we choose the process that fits the best?

Well, if you ask me, trial & error had been my go-to method for a while as I was in charge of setting up processes in my company. When you discuss with peers in your network, you will be introduced to many tools and processes, but choosing what fits for your team is again a call that you will have to make. After trying different methods I have come to this conclusion that the Agile Method is the one that would suit most of the startups.

When I speak about Agile the next word that comes to my mind is “Scrum”. Scrum is an agile process that allows us to focus on delivering the highest business value. What is done is that the whole project is split into different milestones and incremental builds are delivered to the customer in every one to two weeks’ sprint. This is the fact/theory about scrum but in reality, when it comes to scrum there are many misconceptions like

  1. The daily standup is a waste of time.
  2. It’s just a chance for the manager to point out each person’s fault.
  3. Daily Standup is for reporting status, which can be done via email.

And the list goes on…

But the first thing that we need to understand is that in a scrum there isn’t a leader but a team. It is the collective effort of the team that shapes a product. 3 questions that should arise in a standup meeting should be

  1. What is left from yesterday’s work.?
  2. What went wrong? Why was the work not completed?
  3. What is the work for today.?

The idea is to review and feedback to decide the future progress of the project. This results in healthier shared ownership among the team members. It is also an innovative and creative environment that is conducive to growth.

So if you have a small team and you focus on timely delivery of the milestones of your project then Agile is the way to go.