Almost every company, every event and every program have a website today. Those vibrant, interactive websites attract the attention of the viewers through their graphics, content, pictures etc. The masterminds behind the websites are the web developers who work on the front end and back end areas to give the final product. The visual aspects of the website that can be experienced by the users is the front end. It uses technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. While everything that happens in the background is the backend which is not visible to the user. It includes technologies like PHP, NET and Java.

Talking about frontend, the web developers need to make it as attractive as possible to pique the interest of the customers and users.HTML,CSS and JS are the technologies used.HTML,a mark-up language, is used to give structure and meaning to our web content while CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is the language of style rules which styles our HTML content.JS is a scripting language that is used to make our website interactive. It is used to create and control dynamic web content i.e. create photo slideshows, animate etc.

When there is a situation when we need to use repetitive functions, recoding them is a waste of time and space. The whole point of function is to reuse them as and when required. That’s where JavaScript libraries come in., they are collections of pre-written JavaScript code that can be used for common JS tasks thus saving a lot of time, space and code. Some of the JS libraries are jQuery, React, Underscore and Lodash.

Let’s dive more into React. React is one of the JS libraries that is used to build user interfaces.  It is maintained by Facebook ,certain companies and the community of individual developers, it can be used as a base in the development of single-page or mobile applications. It was created by Jordan Walke, a software engineer working for Facebook. Despite being only 6 years, it is gaining a lot of importance today especially since it was deployed on Facebook newsfeed and

The main reason why the popularity of React JS is increasing because of its 3 qualities – scalable, simple and fast. It allows developers to convert any idea into a working web application. It helps create user interfaces or UI’s that can be used again and again. Despite being a frontend technology, it can be executed on the backend as well as desktop apps.But still the question remains, Why React JS so popular that it encouraged so many businesses and popular brands to use it?

  • Simplicity: It is straightforward and less complicated compared to any other framework. It uses the same syntax as JavaScript .it even allows developers to mix HTML with JavaScript to create a special syntax called JSX which is even simpler than JS.
  • Code Reusability: A big advantage of React JS is its feature of reusability. Code components can be reused which saves a lot of time and space of the developers. Reusability helps them control the dataflow. Also, an update or change in a component doesn’t affect increases precision and comfortability.
  • Easier Debugging: the feature of descriptive warnings is very useful especially in the case of new users. It makes it easier and less time consuming to know what exactly went wrong, where the error is and the best way to fix it.
  • Mobile App Development: Mostly, it is believed that React JS I s only for web applications development. It is wrong! React can be used for mobile app development as well. Infact Facebook has already upgraded it for developing native applications for Android and IOS platforms.
  • Fast Rendering: When a complex app is made, it becomes necessary to define the structure in the beginning since it can impact the performance of the app. For this Document object model or DOMs are made. Since it is tree structured, minor modification in the layers can cause drastic changes. To solve this Facebook has introduced the feature of a virtual DOM which allows the testing of changes to the virtual DOM first to calculate the risks with each modification.
  • Quick Implementation: since React is a library and not a full-fledged framework is easier to implement into any project and this is one of the main reasons why developers love React JS.
  • SEO Friendly: Many developers have complained this JS frameworks and libraries are not very search engine friendly. Search engine optimization is very important. The lower the page load time and faster the rendering speed, more the is popularity. React JS overcomes this problem by developing UIs that can easily be navigated.
  • Constantly Developing Library: React JS is the first JS connected open source project released by Fcaebook.Deveopers using React have completely free access to large number of tools as well as a large community support. More than a thousand open source enthusiasts are working to enhance it every day.

These are just some of the many advantages that React offers. Its non-risky, responsive, time saving an above all easy. It is a very popular choice to build projects on. Infact some of its real-life example users include Netflix, Tesla, Yahoo Mail etc.It is a technology loved by developers, entrepreneurs, and corporate product owners. It is becoming universal day by day and since it works today, it will definitely work better tomorrow.