Disclaimer:  Anything I scribble here is based on my personal experiences and those who would like to differ is free to share their thoughts in the comments. (Let this be a win-win for both of us).

It is ironic that when we are an employee, we always wish to end up somewhere where the work culture is the best and when you run a company, you end up failing to provide the best environment for your team. Even when the resources are limited, it is always important to make sure that your team is motivated in one way or the other.

Here are few things which I think will help you achieve this goal.


When you run a company or manage a team, the last thing you want is to mix your business with friendship. Be friendly with your team, enjoy those chit chats during the break, have a couple of beers together but when it comes to work keep your friendship aside. Your friendship shouldn’t be a wall between you and your team. As long as the deadlines are met on time, things are cool but if your friendship messes up the deadline then that’s where you have to draw the line. As Thanos says,”Perfectly balanced, as all things should be”.


When I say “TRUST”  I mean a two-way communication. You should have trust in your employees with their skills (even if it goes wrong sometimes :P). Unless you trust their skills and assign them work, you are not allowing them to explore beyond their comfort zone. Let them come out of their boxes, let them make mistakes and learn from them as long as the company grows with the personal growth of each employee. 


The most important thing is communication. Your team must be able to express any sort of problems they have, be it personal or work-related. Unless they have that freedom to express what they are going through, we would never be able to understand them.

Every problem has a solution, but not until we address it. When a problem arises there is always two ways of dealing with it.

  1. Hide the problem
  2. Address the issue and find a solution.

From my experience, the former might be an easy choice whereas the latter will have a fruitful result even though it might be bitter in the beginning. 

I will write more on this topic in my upcoming blogs.