Nowadays, smartphones are an inevitable part of our lives. From entertainment to trading, we use them. A mobile app is one of the successful methods to promote any service and interact with customers. It is a sector that has had tremendous growth according to recent studies. There are different app development technologies used for developing these mobile applications.

Let us look into some of them


It is a programming language used for ios. It has a concise and expressive syntax and also includes modern features that make it more user friendly. One of the interesting parts of swift is that it uses minimal coding. It is more user-friendly that we don’t even need semi-colons.


It is used to create applications for platforms like Android, Windows, and iOS. It is also known as Apache Cordova. This open-source software helps us to mix different native and hybrid snippets which makes the app neither web-based nor native. To create the app, it uses CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript.


It is one of the most cost and time-efficient frameworks for app development. It uses a single code across iOS, Android, Windows, and many other platforms. it uses a single code and this technology is a cross-platform network with the coding advantages of C#.


Ionic is a mobile app development technology that works on both iOS’ UIWEBView and Android’s WebView. It is mainly preferred for mobile app development as it uses HTML5. To make the native based app and to create their UI functionalities easily, Ionic is used as it combines HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript.


Rather than JavaScript, it uses DART which can fix bugs in milliseconds and it also provides rapid and effective analysis and fabricates UIs. This is also a cross-platform mobile app development technology. Both iOS and Android platforms can be used to create apps as open-source cross-platform SDK provides a wide range of plugins which is backed by google.