In the hustle and bustle of modern life, the influence of smartphones in our daily life has gone over boundaries. Smart-phones are not just a device, there is almost no limit to what you can do with a smartphone these days. With the influence of smartphones, it has opened up immense possibilities for mobile applications. From ordering food to finding your life partner, everything can be done at your fingertip. Small and midsize businesses are also following the mobile trend to expand their online presence and thus business. So, no matter what your business is, launching a mobile app will help you to scale up the sales for sure.


Here are a few tips that would help save your time & dime if you are looking to expand your business through the mobile application.



You are entering a world were a passel of apps are launched each day, So you have to be sure that you hit a niche market. Finding a unique idea is not a piece of cake, it’s a step by step process of finding a solution for a problem. For an app to be successful it must solve a problem, if the app solves a problem faced by many then the app is very likely to be successful in the market. In fact, there are a bunch of apps that are based on the same idea.This clearly points out that the uniqueness of a mobile application idea plays a vital role in its success. As unique as your USP is lesser will be the competition in the market.



One common trend that I have seen among the clients is that when they want to launch an app they tend to bombard the app with many add on features which eventually not only deviate from the initial requirement but also stretches the whole app development process. It is not necessary to have all the features at once, it’s always better to launch a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with the core functionality of the app as quickly as possible. Once the MVP is out there you get to know the response from the user base which would help in shaping the upcoming releases. The more you wait on launching, chances are high that 10 other apps may be released that would serve the same functionality.




Like a wise person once said, “The interface of an app shouldn’t be designed for someone who is well educated, rather it should be designed in such a way that even a kid should be able to use it.”  Simplicity is everything when it comes to great UX. The user experience of the app should be as simple as possible, when a user opens the app he/she should be able to navigate through it without any confusion. Always put design quality top the priority list. Designs should be eye catchy and should keep up with the latest trends.




To make your app development successful & fast, choosing the right technology stack is very crucial. There are a wide number of choices that are available but you have to choose according to your business needs. An appropriate mobile stack may result in lower costs and less time for mobile app development. If you are looking into saving time then you should pick platforms like React Native which is a JavaScript framework for writing mobile applications that look and feel native on both iOS and Android. So basically you can release your app both in PlayStore & AppStore at the same time but with half the effort of development. 




Next important thing is to have a team that has the experience and bandwidth. Make sure that their tech side is strong enough to implement your idea. Pricing should be the next factor to be taken into consideration, but not at the cost of quality. And the most important thing is sticking to the timeline. The development process has to be split into different milestones and defining what all features will be included in each milestone is very important. Any firm which follows Agile Methodology will have these practices already in place. 


Keep these points in mind before starting a mobile app development. Let us know if you have any requirements, METRIC TREE LABS will help you “Launch Your Dream App”.